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5 Websites To Upload And Promote Your Songs For Free

The convenience of the internet has made it easy for creators especially musicians to share and promote their songs without any hassle.

Uploading a song online is not a problem for musicians in recent time time but one of the main challenges for artists is getting their songs to reach more audience. Promoting songs is one of the main reasons why most musicians are not successful in the career.

Most artists don’t know the right platform(s) to upload their songs to promote. Some artists end up paying money to third party services to upload their songs for them which sometimes don’t yield the result they wanted.

With intense research, we have gathered the 5 best music platforms to upload and promote your songs for free.

5. OrinPlay

OrinPlay made it to the list because of how unique this platform is from the rest. OrinPlay aims at connecting creators(musicians, producers, bands etc.) and their fans. The website is certainly geared toward independent musicians, but it tends to attract more of a niche following of both artists and fans. The platform allows you to upload, share, promote, sell and interact with fans.


4. Bandcamp

The site is intended for independent artists, however it will in general draw in even more a specialty following of the two artists and fans. As a platform that promotes free music streaming just as money related help of the artist. There are a lot of fruitful artists who have viably advanced their career on Bandcamp

3. YouTube

In case you’re a rising artist, you ought to put quality time and efforts into the production of expertly created music visuals.
YouTube is an essential stage that gathers full focus from the more expertly minded portion of rising artists.

2. Audiomack

Audiomack is a fan-accommodating music platform. Audiomack enables artists to span their music with its unique pattern based ranking of artists. The number of plays every day/week/month are promptly accessible, and the “what’s trending” landing page makes it simple for music lovers to realize what songs and albums they should listen to. Audiomack is a well-situated platform and a good choice for free artists who wants to grow their fan-base.

1. SoundCloud

Established in 2007, SoundCloud stays as one of the world’s top audio sharing platform with more than 175 million month to month unique users.
SoundCloud has been a longstanding monster, and that won’t change at any point in the near future.

You can choose for yourself the best platform for your self.