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All You Need To Know About Music Promotion & Music Marketing (EP. 1)

Although both music promotion and music marketing are firmly related, they are different. I’m aware you’ve been misusing these words for some time now. It is time for you to know the difference which will help you build a successful career for yourself.

Music marketing is the work, while music promotion is only the assignment. Music marketing includes much more than music promotion, for example, marking, evaluating, creatives, copywriting, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Music promotion includes getting your music into however many ears as you could reasonably be expected.

Knowing the contrast between the two won’t enable you to advance your music better, yet it can enable you to redistribute undertakings not far off. Now let’s get to business

In the event that you investigate the number of popular musicians contrasted with those that aren’t popular, you’ll begin to see comparable examples. However, I’m only here to share what I believe is the problem with music promotion in the music industry.

Lack Of Education

Most musicians have a small understanding of how promotion works. This lack of information is the fundamental reason behind why you see such a large number of musicians spamming their music. Since they don’t have the idea about what to do, they focus around what they think is the best. Which is wrong. Here’s a case of that procedure:

Need to be a celebrated musician– > Fame = Popularity– > Popularity = Lot’s of attention – > I have to get a lot of attention – > Get a lot of attention by telling people to listen to my music – > Record label– > I’m now rich and well known

Fake Music Promotion Companies & Websites

The music industry is full of spammy and fake music promotion websites offering to get you 100k+ downloads within a week on their website for GHC10 or send your music off to record label officials. These websites or blogs or organizations not just make it hard for music marketing and promotion organizations like OrinPlay that offer genuine service to flourish, however, they additionally give music promoting and marketing bad reputation in general.

We shall continue with this article next week, Stay tuned