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All You Need To Know About STRESS

Stress, as we all know, is experienced by most of us one way or the other. Due to that, we need to know one thing or two about it. Stress is a way our brain and body respond to demand from all our activities, new or old
Stress also comes in different forms, the first being
routine stress this is related to the pressure of work, school, family and other daily activities. And the second is caused by a
sudden negative change such as losing a job, divorce or illness the last being traumatic stress which is experienced in events like a major accident, assault or natural disaster.

How to handle stress

Recognize the signs your body shows when Stressed such as sleeplessness, headache, anger, feeling depressed, low energy or increase in alcohol and substance use.

Get regular exercise_such as jogging or walking for 30 minutes can boost your mood and reduce stress.

Try a relaxing activity like listening to music reading ,meditation ,dancing or any activity that helps you distress .

Stress management
Stress management

Set goals and priorities by deciding what must be done and what can wait. Learn to say no to new tasks that may over burden you and note tasks that accomplished during the day and the ones you were unable to complete.

Stay connected with people who can provide emotional and other support, to reduce stress ask for help from friends, family, community or religious organization.
Note if the above does not help reduce the Stress than you should consider seeking professional medical care.