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BAD NEWS: Shocking Revelations About DJ Arafat’s Death

DJ Arafat

The disastrous demise of Ivorian artist, Dj Arafat has brought tears to the face of most Africans, he was involved in an accident in Abidjan.

However, there are remarkable concurrence of events that seems strange to all of us about his death. Could they be just coincidences?

  • His stage name was DJ Arafat… He died on the Arafat day 2019
  • His last song was titled “Motorcycle”… He kicked the bucket on a Motorcycle.
  • His introduction single “Jonathan”, which carried him to spotlight was about “Death” and had its video shot in a Motorcycle Show held at the entombment function of his closest companion “Jonathan”… Years after the fact, he too kicked the bucket on a Motorcycle.
  • He was shot to fame on a Motorcycle Video….He began on a MOTORCYCLE and finished on a MOTORCYCLE.
  • He hated Journalists and they hated him as well… A journalists vehicle led to his accident
  • His career sponsors were the Chinese… He died infront of the Chinese Embassy.