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Badu Kobi Tags Sarkodie As He Insults Krobo Women

Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi, the founder, of Glorious Wave International, has made a shocking revelation that Sarkodie was right when he described Krobo women as prostitutes (Adwaman) in his controversial song “Jennifer Lomotey”.

“Sarkodie is married to a Krobo lady but that didn’t stop him from singing about the tribe. What he said about the tribe is the truth. Instead of them listening to the song and advising themselves of the negativity, they are going about bashing him”, Badu Kobi said.
“What am about saying in Ghana, this one is just small. The country should just hold on to this for now because I am not keeping quiet and it is my focus and mission to make Christians richer than politicians,” he added.

Badu Kobi