The month of October is used globally to raise awareness about the debilitating effects of breast cancer and the need to go for early detection to ensure effective treatment.

The Gender Commissioner of the Graduate Students Association of Ghana (GRASAG National) has revealed that one of the obstacles to early detection and effective treatment comes from diverse people having certain entrenched religious doctrines and beliefs.

Anita Opoku-Tawiah speaking on Radio Central in Cape Coast with Amansan Krakye the Central Music Awards 2019 Best Presenter nominee, said

“We always advice people to go and have a check up, then if anything is found in your breasts thus early detection so that you can be assured of effective treatment”.

“However religious doctrines and beliefs hamper some of these breast cancer awareness initiatives. Some people go to spiritual homes, prayer camps, shrines, traditional herbalist, malams n co”.

“Though we are not against what people have faith in we kindly think that by moving from one place to the other without going to the hospital, you increase the risk of delayed detection which can lead to several consequences”.

She said GRASAG as an association is serious with issues of breast cancer awareness because most of their members who are doing Masters degree and PhD stand a higher risk.

“We have dedicated the month of October to heighten the awareness on breast cancer, so we will release a flyer for social media each day which contains different aspects of issues relating to breast cancer”.

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Amansan Krakye writes…..