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eShun Pleads To Sarkodie For A Feature on A Song


Earlier today, Ghanaian singer, eShun took to social media to lament on difficulties she is facing to feature Sarkodie on a song.

According to eShun, she has tried various means to get Sarkodie to feature him on a song.

She disclosed that she has contacted friends of Sarkodie, media men, producers and has even been to his house but all did not yield a positive result.

Below is a tweet of eShun

”Dear @sarkodie For years I’ve tried to get you on a song, Tried friends, strangers, media guys
 Spoken to Angel, Black Nana, Possigee, tried yr house.. Bra Michael, You are Dope, having you on a song will be fire to fire, it will be an honour. What do I do to make this happen?”