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Fuse ODG and Killbeatz finally patch up

Fuse ODG has finally come out to rubbish claims that he sacked his producer, Killbeartz from his mansion. According to earlier reports, Killbeatz regularly hangs out with a lot of his male friends in the mansion, not just smoking and drinking but also banging different girls in the house. Simply put, Killbeatz turned the house belonging to Fuse into a house of ill repute. Fuse who couldn’t brief Ghanaians on what sparked the beef between them said that it was just a minor argument that happened between him and his producer, heard him say on Hitz FM. He stated emphatically that he never drove his sound engineer Killbeatz out of the house. He later said it was normal for people who are family to fight each other, adding that he and his producer are cool now. The 29-year-old singer added that he is yet to release an album featuring Killbeatz, just to let Ghanaians know that there is no beef between them. “I’m also excited to bring killbeatz on this album am working with other producers’’… Eshun, some time ago with her management accused Fuse ODG of presenting a not-too-detailed contract to them which when they reached out to him about it, the singer refused to respond to them. The ‘Antenna’ singer during his interview with Andy Dosty on Hitz FM revealed that he is a big fan of a lot of Ghanaian artistes, but he hasn’t received a feedback from Eshun’s manager so their song cannot be released until the management signs the contract. He added that he was not aware of Eshun reaching out to him concerning the said contract. He also indicated that he wants to create a platform for other countries to enable them to get access to Ghanaian songs. Fuse has released a new song titled ‘Island’ which according to him was inspired by Latin sounds through his recent travels and the song has gone global.