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I'm always proud to put on African wear- AJOA

Ajoa, the sensational afro pop Singer is at it again. With the upcoming release of her new single ‘makoma’, the ‘wasted love’ star is spotted in some dashing African outfits and her usual natural hair. When interviewed, AJOA indicated that her fondness for African clothes and fabrics is mainly because it adorns her natural dark complexion. Affirming this love affair, she reiterated that her attachment to African prints has grown over the years and will not dissipate any time soon.

It was also evident that unlike the many female celebrities who have transitioned from dark skin to light skin, AJOA is proud of her natural dark complexion and has no intention of altering it. When asked why she prefers her natural skin colour she retorted that part of staying true to ones self is being content with what one is endowed with. She claimed that beside the many health complications, she finds it hypocritical to parade to the world a skin type which essentially is borrowed.

AJOA, took time to thank her fans across the country for being loyal and promised to churn out good music. She urged her fans to watch out for the release of her new song ‘Makoma’