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Inspiring: How Sarkodie & DJ Mensah Became Successful In the Music Industry

DJ Mensah & Sarkodie

“The Untouchable DJ”, DJ Mensah is one of the biggest names when it comes to DJing in Ghana. He is currently the only DJ from Ghana to have played on a BET Platform.

In an interview on Joy Prime, the DJ specifying how he turned into the official DJ for Sarkodie noticed that everything began when he got a call from Sarkodie’s manager whom he went to the same SHS with that he needed him to come to a show to perform with Sarkodie.

He continued that he had gone to play a show at Akosombo and was coming back to Accra when he got the call and the first question he asked was what amount would they pay for his service?

As indicated by DJ Mensah, he continued posing himself this inquiry. Who is this person that performs at shows with no mastered but with just mixtapes?

He further described: On getting to the grounds, he was given a playlist yet glanced through and had a short talk with Sarkodie guiding him to pursue what he will play for him since he felt the plan was terrible for such an event. He did and the rest is history.