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Revealed: Medikal & Strongman To Release A song Together

Strongman and Medikal

Strongman and Medikal’s beef was the most-talked-about beef as the two musicians delivered strong punchlines in their raps.

However, they both recently smoked the peace pipe as they apologized to each other for the indecent words they used.

They also appealed to Ghanaians to support their music the same way they did when they released their diss songs.

in a recent interview, Strongman disclosed that it is possible for the two of them to work on a collaboration.

Oh yeah, collaboration is possible, I just don’t like the way he feels bossy, it pisses me off. But I’ve realized he has followed me on twitter and I followed him back so that’s the process because the two of us aren’t friends because of his bossy behaviour.

Due to the beef, collaboration can happen and we can do a song together. We’ve ironed out our differences and I once again apologize to Ghanaian women for some words I used in the diss song