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Shocking: Most men Are Dying Because They Lick Female Reproductive Organs – Doctor Reveals

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The Medical superintendent of Steward Hospital, a private health center at Yakwei in the Asante Akim South district of the Ashanti Region, Dr. Paul Ntiamoah, has warned that licking of the female sexual reproductive organ has serious health implications on the human life and it must be outrightly shunned.

According to the reproductive medical expert, the human vagina and the mouth stink woefully and both organs are poisonous in nature, adding, they serve as the breeding grounds of all kinds of diseases and infections.

Dr. Paul Ntiamoah gave the warning on Friday, June 28, 2019, on the Otec FM’s afternoon shows ‘Asem Beba Dabi’ a social program hosted by Krobea Nana Yaw Asante, after a young man confessed of having sexual intercourse with a female goat.

The young man further claimed that he has since had sex with her girlfriend after the bestial act.

He asserted that a number of Ghanaian men have died unexpectedly due to the dangerous infections they contract during licking of the vagina.

“The vagina has a serious odour due to its multi-purpose functions to the human body including excretion of urine. The gems and the infections transmitted from the vagina during the act through the mouth and those who have fallen addiction to the habit expose the body to all manner of diseases,” he noted.

Touching on the sucking of the male penis by women, Dr. Paul Ntiamoah disclosed that female sexual partners who indulge in the licking of the penis have less chances of contracting infections compared to their male counterparts.

He, however, indicated that the infections could only take place if the penis was dirty, and he, therefore, advised prospective addicts to make sure that the penis is tidy before they are sucked.