Some months ago we reported here that Medikal and Fella Makafui were rumored to be having issues in their relationship which may possibly lead to a break-up. Whatever the problem was has now been known to the general public.

The break up between Medikal and Fella Makafui is beginning to sound real, after recent posts by the two and also an eye witness video circulating on social media

When news broke about their break up, one question that was on the mind of people was, what really happened, or what could be the reason for the break-up.

However, the cause of their “rumored break-up” is not what social media users are circulating. Medikal did not have any affair with Fella Makafui’s sister as social media users claim. In a tweet, Fella Makafui debunked the rumors and emphasized that her family is not involved

“Disgusting people bringing my family into this with fake news! smh.This has nothing to do with my sister, kindly leave her out of this !“ 

Fella Makafui

Fella Makafui has finally spoken about the rumors surrounding her relationship with Medikal in a most recent Instagram live video.

In the video,  Fella Makafui confirmed that they (herself and Medikal) have issues and it’s normal for people in a relationship to have issues thus it should not be anything surprising to the general public.

According to Fella Makafui, she only wants to focus on her businesses and herself for now and will not make anything stop her from doing that; she also mentioned that at the right time, she will make everything known to the general public.

However, in a new post on Twitter, Medikal has declared his undying love for Fella Makafui with the promise of building a family with her.

Medikal added that, he will prove to Fella and the world that he will be a better man for her and their unborn kids.

From what we know, Fella Makafui just wants a break from the relationship which Medikal sees to be a problem for him because he can not do with his love bird. Stay tuned for more updates.


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