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The gods Of Ghana Music – Swallow Writes

Ghana Music Legends

I humbly pray you to read this article with an unbiased lens and rather focus on the facts minus the politics and gimmicks, this is how the revolution of every industry begins let’s encourage these debates.

+233 West Africa Ghana my beloved country full of budding talented young artist who has the potential of doing a lot on the international front, but have been made and programmed to believe Ghana is enough
for them. Ghana music industry with a lot of wrong gatekeepers who are primitive in their
thinking and unwilling to learn, have taken the forefront in running the affairs of the Ghana music industry and this is evident with the current state of the music industry where our top artists are an inspiring to the young artist that are supposed to be looking up to them, but what do I know I am just an observer. But I do know this; Ghana has a lot of talented artists who can be playing festivals to the outside diaspora which has grown over the years, not limiting their sounds to just the Ghana market and most importantly forming musical communities.

From my desk, I can tell how difficult it is to achieve all of these because we live in a country or an an industry where a group of people thinks before any artist would be heard or “blow” in this country they have to go through them which has led to a lot of envy, backbiting, and sabotage in this industry and these people I call them The “gods” of Ghana music industry because they believe they make stars in this country and have lowered the standard of music in this country, if you meet them you will know, they are the ones always looking for apologies once you don’t bow to their standards. Imagine an industry where all sounds are given the same opportunity but in my industry, a song full of gimmicks would rather get more airplay than good sounds that have the capability of selling outside the country, imagine an industry where they form communities like Hip Hop communities, Afrobeat community, etc. but the egos of these suppose top artists who have made themselves bosses and kings of the industry will not allow them to form these communities because they would rather prefer these young talented artists buried and not heard because they feel threatened by their talents.

But what these supposed “gods” of the industry are failing to acknowledge is the fact that the internet has opened the musical game where these young artists are open to more opportunities and even better monetization of their craft; and I am saying this to open these “gods” of the industry to the fact that times have changed and these young ones have the internet now and even know friends who are doper than these top artist, and if you pay close attention to the industry trends you will notice a young artist would rather prefer his dope friend for verse than go to these top artiste for a verse, so in effect these kings and bosses of this industry are rather retiring themselves from the music game with their attitude and I will not be surprised if they don’t even see it because they have proven over the years their unwilling’s to learn and how primitive they are in their thinking.

This article only seeks to open the eyes of Ghanaians to some of the things contributing to this ailing music industry and does not seek to vilify any artist or persons in this unexploited musical industry, because at the end of the day it comes back to talent so why should an artist find it difficult recognizing, appreciating and promoting each other’s talent without feeling threatened. This can only happen when we all as industry players come to the understanding that we are building an industry that would have a lot of good talented artist springing up every time till we get to that point where we are exporting entertainment
to the outside world like what Nigeria is doing in order to generate more revenue for this country. I am positive it is feasible and most importantly I still believe in Ghana when it comes to talent.