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The Reason Harry Potter's Eyes Changed From Green in the Books to Blue in the Movies

With regards to Harry Potter’s appearance, committed enthusiasts of the movie have no uncertainty seen a major error between the books and the movies. What’s more, it has a bit of something to do with “his mom’s eyes.”

In the books, The Boy Who Lived is depicted as having “bright green” eyes—however actor Daniel Radcliffe’s having blue eyes are the ones that we found in every one of the movie. For what reason authored J.K. Rowling and the movie’ makers choose to overlook this significant detail?

For reasons unknown, the definite shade of Harry’s eyes was not as vital a detail as a few fans may think. Rowling just asked the makers that Harry’s eyes be indistinguishable shading from his mom, Lily’s, however she never stipulated that the shading must be green.

Harry Potter source: polygon

This more likely than not been an immense alleviation for Radcliffe, who had an unfavorable response to the green contacts the movie producers initially needed to use to give him the eye shading the books had mentioned. It presumably didn’t hurt that Radcliffe’s normal eye shading was a piece of what made producer David Heyman see him, and push him to try out for the job.

“There sitting behind me was this kid with these enormous blue eyes. It was Dan Radcliffe,” Heyman later said of the first occasion when he met Radcliffe at a theater. “I recall my early introductions: He was interested and entertaining thus vivacious. There was genuine liberality as well, and sweetness. And yet he was extremely unquenchable and with crave information of whatever sort.”

Following their gathering, Heyman convinced the then-unknown child actor to try out for the job. The rest, obviously, is history.