Who are “Glamour models” exactly?

They are our favorite kind of models, the ones with beautiful physiques who aren’t shy of exposing their alluring bodies on the internet.

In Ghana, there is a negative mentality about these models even though most people are blown away by their irresistible Works. will you start appreciating them or continue judging?

Here’s a list of the top 9 Ghanaian Glam models:

1. Deborah Vanessa

Deborah Vanessa

Sister Derby really has it all: beauty, glow, and charm. Believe it or not, Derby is Ghana’s sexiest. A model/Musician popularly known in the showbiz industry as “the African Mermaid” she’s one of those timeless beauties that just get better with age.

IG: @sisterdeborah

2. Efia Odo

Efia Odo

Efia is without question one of our most attractive – and talented. A sexy slayer who is extremely confident about her body. Efia Odo, a young Ghanaian actress/presenter/model is popularly known As an active advocate for “embrace your body”

IG: @efia_odo

3. Shugatiti


Another mind-blowing hot Ghanaian photo model/video vixen. Shuga is the badda$$ of the game. Her body, curves, and confidence will always turn you on.

IG: @shugatiti

4. Tilly Hipsy

Tilly Hipsy

Awurabena Tilly, a young Ghanian photo model /video vixen /entrepreneur popularly known as Tilly Hipsy. Tilly’s photos will Drive you crazy. Tilly is not only strikingly gorgeous but also harbors an impressive entrepreneurial spirit.


5. Yoni Ahafia

Yoni Ahafia

The gents of the industry are also causing a serious stir. Far more than just a nice face and defined body, Yoni is one hot all-rounder. After enjoying an impressive modeling career flaunting his goods on the top runways, Yoni is also popularly known for winning MMWW’18 Best Body (2nd Runner up) and MMWW’18 Mr. Congeniality

IG: @yoniahafia

6. DeDe Dezel

Dede Dezel

Dezel is a young talented model/Entrepreneur, she’s popularly known in the fashion industry as Dezel. her Stunning shots and concepts will always make you want to have a second glance.

IG: @dezelthemodel

7. Shnell


In 2019, Shnell showed off her magnificent body in the music video to Dahlin Gage’s hit “bed time”, and the public took note. Since then, Shynell has become one of the most recognizable faces in the industry. Shynell is a young talented model/entrepreneur.

IG: @shnell_model

8. Akosua Dulcie

Akosua Dulcie

Video vixen /model Akosua Dulcie is another Banger. She’s hot, talented and confident over her body. that’s really it.

IG: @Akosua_dulcie

9. Abena


She’s a young passionate model who is ready to go all in. She got what it takes and slays in a natural flow.