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Two Simple Ways To Structure Your Lyrics

Song Structure

So you have an awesome thought for a tune. It may be a memorable hook, or an extraordinary chord succession, or an intriguing song. Be that as it may, how would you form this thought into a full work? This article tries to support composers and musicians defeat those creative “obstructs” that can occur after the initial thirty seconds of motivation for a hit song.

The article focuses on effective melody structures and their harmonic progression, and draws out examples that may be valuable for helping a sone “transition” from chorus to bridge, or pre-chorus to chorus.

Repeating Verse

The most straightforward song structure is by repeating the stanza, a structure which is exceptionally basic in traditional music genres like High Life, Hip Life, Afro pop.

There are numerous songs in music history that use this structure of repeating stanza for instance, in the notable song ‘Stunning Grace’.

Verse with Middle Eight

Next is an advancement of this structure, common in songs. This is again a progression of repeating stanzas, however this time hindered with a “middle eight” section, purported in light of the fact that the section typically goes on for eight bars altogether (it tends to be longer than this). The structure would resemble this – An A B A, where “A” is the stanza segment, and “B” is the middle eight.