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Why New Musicians MUST Put Out A Single FIRST

In the event that you’ve never released music, you need to begin with a single track.

Artists at the major label level for the most part release singles first, except if they’re dropping one of those “mystery” medium-term albums. The lead single revives the fans, gets press talking, and assembles vitality for playlists or radio.

Here’s the reason releasing a single is basic for new artistes

In areas of the biz where you benefit from a few early champions, a single gives new artists a way to demonstrate “market viability.” Basically, does your music have appeal? Is it working for a particular audience? You can prove it with a single.

Many of the big digital music platforms will give you access to an account dashboard where you can customize your artist profile, view analytics, and possibly take advantage of promo features

Be that as it may, those promotion highlights are inaccessible until you have music on the streaming services. You need to release your introduction single, set up a nearness on spilling stages, and afterward be in a situation to utilize their services to advance your increasingly vital followup release (regardless of whether it’s a single, EP, or LP).

Your music can gain more traction on streaming platforms when you use:
Spotify for Artists
Apple Music for Artists

Artist promo features offered by digital music services
Here’s just a few specific examples of what OrinPlay offers. OrinPlay lets you customize your artist profile, build a following, and even submit songs to their editorial team for playlist consideration. All cool features. And impossible to use if you don’t have at least one song on OrinPlay.

On the topic of OrinPlay, once you’ve released your first single on the platform, claimed your OrinPlay for Artists account, and built a following, each followup release is guaranteed placement on the Release Radar playlist of EVERY ONE of your followers (as long as you go through OrinPlay’s direct playlist submission process for each subsequent single or album).

Similarly, you can’t do a pre-save campaign for new music until you’ve established a presence on OrinPlay.
Start with one song. Plant your flag. Grow from there.
The strategy is simple: As a new artist you should start by getting one song out there into the world. Then use all the tools available to promote your followup releases.

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You can get your single on OrinPlay, Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon, TIDAL, and more.