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Pregnancies among teens keep rising in towns and villages as the ratio thereof never decreases. Many women activists, NGOs and what have you, are out in producing measures in curbing this menace.
By reason of this, philanthropist Stacy Amewoyi would like to outline some unforeseen reasons as to why teenage pregnancies refuses to go down the drain.
Many at times, it is concluded on unwholesome relationships, poverty, curiosity pornography and in some cases rape which is very true, but the fallen nature of man will always bring man to fall.
A renowned preacher once said, it was best for Adam to have touched the forbidden fruit earlier, for it would have still happened with the generations that came after him. No matter who we claim to be, the human nature will always get in the way.
Thus, the need to emphasis all the more on the factors that is leading to this menace, as until its sunk in the sub consciousness of man it will never cease. The major way the author cum humanitarian, Stacy, believes is best as solution is parenting.
Whatever happened to parenting in this 21st century has caused a huge harm to the children in its era. A daughter was left to the fate of scorpion bites from her shoe as her mother by reason of work, took the child’s wails as pretense of absenting herself from school. Timely intervention of teachers of the school saved the girl’s life after she went numb and pale.
“How much time, would it take a parent to look in the shoes of their children to find scorpions in there? How much time would it take a parent to have time to have a chat with their children to find ‘scorpions’ biting them as friends and luring them into evil acts? How many ‘scorpions’ are there in your child’s life that is causing him fear never to open up to who is biting him? What about the ‘scorpions’ you have left your wards in their care as maids and teachers? What kind of ‘scorpion’ is advising the precious gift God gave you? How much time do you have for your wards in checking the ‘scorpion’ tormenting them in thoughts and relationships? Where is the listening ear” Stacy quizzed.
Until we have this under check, these ‘scorpions’ who have become the internet, friends and even teachers, will keep biting these future leaders till they become numb and pale, therefore succumbing to all the bites comes with, which teenage pregnancy is a greater part of.

Promoter Koolic
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